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The Adirondacks in general and Lake George in particular are extremely photogenic.  Nearly everyone who comes for a visit is inspired by the beauty of this locale and they go home with lots of wonderful pictures and memories.  While not everyone can match the artistry of Carl Heilman, the beauty of Lake George makes even ordinary snapshots extraordinary.  Folks who have read Desperate Hours have been e-mailing all sorts of pictures to me as they explore Lake George looking for the venues described in the book.

One of my favorite genres  of photographs are those of people reading Desperate Hours.  The readers are taking pictures of themselves with the book in a variety of clever and creative ways.  One group photograph has three readers posed on a boat below the cliff on West Dollar Island.  While they are reading the book there are people behind them making the same jump that Agent Goodwin, Heather Grant and Matt O’Malley made as they tried to elude Raman el Sheik’s effort to shoot them.

I love getting these pictures and have decide to post them on the website under the tab, Reader’s Gallery.  If you would like to star on my website send me a picture of you reading Desperate Hours.  The rules are simple, e-mail the picture to me at, you have to be willing to let me post the picture and the picture has to be family friendly.

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