About Desperate Hours

In Desperate Hours, Thomas Kane has created a superb  new novel that is as timely as it is exciting.  Set in the beautiful Adirondack’s Lake George on a perfect Fourth of July, this tightly paced novel’s story unfolds over a period of fourteen hours of non-stop action.

The story begins with Matt O’Malley camping on the famous Bass Island when he is awakened by the soft moaning of the victim of an attempted murder.  The unconscious Heather Grant, who is beautiful, deceptive and manipulative, was thrown into Lake George in the early morning hours after having been assaulted on a boat.  Nearly drown she has floated onto Bass Island and will forever alter Matt O’Malley’s life.

Thinking he is undertaking a simple Good Samaritan effort, Matt revives Heather and attempts to bring her home, which leads him to  discover the  plan for the  next major terrorist attack on the United States.  Targeted are the presumptive Democratic nominee for President and hundreds of his most loyal supporters, representing the elite leadership of the American worlds of industry, finance and entertainment.

Matt careens the length of Lake George in a frantic effort to save the lives of hundreds of people, while dodging both terrorist assassins who want to kill him and powerful governmental agencies that want to arrest him.  As the Desperate Hours wind down to an unexpected and suspenseful conclusion, Matt O’Malley must risk everything during the massive Fourth of July fireworks display in front of Green Island’s Sagamore Hotel to prevent a cataclysmic explosion which would forever destroy the sense of security of the American people, and tear apart the political fabric of the nation.