Desperate Hours Tours of Lake George

In a fascinating development, people who have read Desperate Hours are starting to take Desperate Hours tours of Lake George to try and visit the sites referenced  in the book.  Fans of the book really enjoy the realistic description of Lake George and some of the areas mentioned in the book. 

I have tried to be accurate in my depiction of the various venues.  But one reference has eluded some of the even the most dedicated searchers—Psycho Bay.  Don’t bother looking for it on the navigational charts, because it is not there, at least not by that name.  Psycho Bay is a name that my friends and I have used to describe this spot.  Once you get there you will know why.

I’ll give you some hints—it is a bay with a wide mouth on the east side of the lake, and it is a wonderful place to get out of the traffic while enjoy a refreshing swim or an onboard picnic.  Once you are in the bay you will be able to see the structure that gives it its name.  Across, on the west side of Lake George, you will be able to spot Deer’s Leap.  If you still can’t find it, let me know and I will give you better directions.

Happy hunting!

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