Wapanak Castle

There seems to be a lot of curiosity  about Wapanak Castle.  Many people who go to Lake George have never seen it, even if they have ventured on to Green Island.  It is there, but it is nestled away in the trees so you do have to look for it.  It is a six-bedroom, four bath residence on the lake between the condos and the beautiful and historic main building of the Sagamore Resort.  Although I have never been fortunate enough to stay in the Castle, I understand that it is elegantly decorated.  The description found in Desperate Hours is purely how I imagine it would be.  The Sagamore website gives some intriguing tidbits about it’s five gas-logged fireplaces, and its large modern kitchen and dining room.  It boasts  a formal living room–very elegant I am sure, and a uniquely decorated family room leading out to the lower deck and lake.  The turret and back of the home can be seen from the lake as can the private dock.  I don’t really know what the rental rates are for Wapanak Castle, but, as they say, if you have to ask, you probably  can’t afford it!

The information that I have been able to find in my research confirms that Wapanak Castle was built by E. Burgess Warren, a chemist, inventor, and art collector who made a fortune after the Civil War manufacturing hydrocarbons and later developing asphalt for paving purposes.  In 1898 he owned the fastest steam yacht in the world, the Ellide, which he kept on Lake George.  He was part of a consortium of millionaires who formed the Green Island Improvement Company and built the original Sagamore Hotel on Lake George.  The Castle had fallen into a ruinous state during the 1960’s; however, it has been lovingly restored to its former grandeur.

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