In the climactic final moments of Desperate Hours an inanimate object, the Hackercraft Sterling, becomes one of the heros of the story.  This boat actually exists and is a prototype of an entire new line of boats being made by the company located at Silver Bay on Lake George.  You can view these magnificent boats at the newly designed show room located at the Silver Bay location. Unfortunately, there are no tours currently avaialble at the production facility in Ticonderoga.  It is there where the latest in marine design and technology is pared with old school craftsmanship to produce these timeless classics.

I was amazed at the amount of time and the quality of materials that go in to the construction of these boats.  The finish on the final product rivals the best high end furniture you have ever seen.  No detail is  too small to ignore when they are building the limited number of boats they produce each year.  As an example of the meticulous attention to detail that is lavished on each boat that is produced, there are wooden plugs that cover and hide the screws that hold the boat together.  Each wooden pug is hand selected to match for color and wood grain so that when it is installed and finished it becomes nearly invisible.  While the end product is designed to look like a work of art, underneath beats the heart of a beast able to go out and be used hard and provide generations of family fun.

I have pulled into the dock at restaurants along Lake George in a Hackercraft and the boat never fails to garner a lot of attention.  Those unfamiliar with the boat think it is an antique from some bygone era where beautiful design and impeccable craftsmanship were still prized.  They are shocked to learn that it is a new boat and that it is manufactured in the United States.  Someone once said that  thing of beauty is a joy forever.  They must have been talking about Hackercrafts! 

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