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New Matt O’Malley Mystery Due Soon!

Desperate Days, is the second thrilling “Matt O’Malley” mystery novel by Thomas Kane set in the beautiful Adirondack State Park. The tranquility of the park stands in stark contrast to the evil acts that are occurring there in this action packed, tightly paced thriller.
Matt has returned to upstate New York from his home in Florida only to learn that Erin, the beautiful young daughter of his friend Carol has disappeared. Carol has gone to the police who believe that she is overreacting and with no evidence of foul play they refuse to look for Erin. In desperation, Carol turns to Matt O’Malley, who has problems of his own. Almost since he arrived back in the Adirondacks, the Men of Islam have been seeking their revenge on him.
When Matt O’Malley starts asking questions concerning the missing Erin’s whereabouts he runs into the ominously menacing Sergei Popov who drives Matt to commit acts that just days before he would not have believe himself capable of, as he uncovers an unspeakably horrifying crime playing out in one of the remote Adirondack Great Camps.
Matt’s quest to save Erin leads him on a frantic four day chase throughout the Adirondacks, all the while dodging terrorist assassins who are trying their best to kill him. As Desperate Days races to an explosive and suspenseful conclusion, Matt must test the limits of his own mental and physical endurance as well as the strength of some of his closest friendships as he will do whatever he has to do to save Erin from a ghastly fate.